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                                                   Zitzsi Cups of America

Zitzsi Cups of America gives away free advertisement "to go" cups or reusable in-house advertisement cups to business owners of coffee shops, cafes, diners, pubs and restaurants that serve in-house drinking beverage cups. To their restaurant customers who drink and dine inside at their restaurant.

Shipment is also free including all artwork recreation fees such as, art-proofs the restaurant owners of choice. May purchase their own "advertisement cups" from Zitzsi Cups of America shall they decline the "Free Restaurant Advertisement Cups Promotion" limited time trial offer. Due to possible delays such as, certain Federal Holidays and possible hazardous weather conditions Zitzsi Cups of America shipment takes. Between 08 weeks - 10 weeks for shipment of advertisement cups order can be shipped into the restaurant.

In return Zitzsi Cups of America will distribute all advertisement cups and sell all vacant business advertising space onto. The restaurant owner of choice new free advertisement cups supplied by Zitzsi Cups of America.

All advertisement cups will be given 100% free. Only to the "restaurant owner" of choice who has successfully registered. To receive "Zitzsi Cups of America" Free Restaurant Advertisement Cups Promotion and depending on restaurant owner registration starting date for this limited time trial offer. Please be advised that Terms and Conditions May Apply for restaurant owners that register with Zitzsi Cups of America: Free Restaurant Advertisement Cups Promotion. A lost wages cancellation fee will occur for Zitzsi Cups of America lost time. After 10 business days of registration usage while using "Zitzsi Cups of America" ad agency services shall restaurant owner decide to cancel. However, no cancellation fee will occur for restaurant owner shall "Zitzsi Cups of America" sales dept. receive (a lack of advertiser sponsors support) should this occur. Then the Free Restaurant Advertisement Cups Promotion will be terminated, advertiser sponsors who participated and actually purchased advertisement space from Zitzsi Cups of America. Will be refunded back their ad payments in full that were only paid directly to Zitzsi Cups of America.





Advertisement payment is for businesses that are supporting advertisement cups. For a local restaurant free advertisement cups within the business owners city limit.

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     A Happy Customer Is Always The Best Customer! 


Free Restaurant "to go" Advertisement Cups Promotion: Supplied by Zitzsi Cups of America types of material paper, foam, plastic all ad cups come with or without lids and straws.

                                                           Zitzsi Cups of America:                                                                                                                                               Phone Number: 281-740-1346                                                                                      

New written song title (FLOWERS TEAR APART) by CEO Justin Scott owner of "Zitzsi Cups of America" a must listen to... #FlowersTearApart will have added voice-vocal-audio soon for song lyrics hopefully before 10-31-2021.